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Our comprehensive network of providers includes many notable and reputable physicians, offering our members convenient access to quality medical services.

Provider Search

To verify if a provider is in-network, contact Customer Service at 800-863-7515 (TTY Operator Assistance 800-236-6868) or [email protected]. Customer Service can be reached Monday through Friday from 6 am to 5 pm PT.

Quality of Care

Because Prominence owns our network, we have strong, direct relationships with doctors, hospitals, and other providers in our networks.

Before providers join our networks, we check to see that they have the appropriate education, licensure and training to provide quality care. We require that all providers meet our stringent credentialing standards, which include the verification of licensure, education, training and malpractice and sanction history prior to joining our network.

The ongoing quality monitoring of physicians and providers is accomplished by checking for licensure and sanctions, and investigating, tracking and monitoring member complaints about quality of care.

Member Experience

We listen carefully to our members’ feedback about physicians, providers and hospitals after they have joined our networks. We employ various survey methodologies and carefully review and investigate any member complaints.