Fully Insured Health Plans

Employer Sponsored Coverage for Businesses of All Sizes

Small Group (2-50)

Small group employers can offer up to three plans from the available small group suite, giving employees a choice when it comes to their healthcare.

Large Group (51+)

We recognize that flexibility is key. For organizations with 51 or more employees, our large group product portfolio offers a range of plans to accommodate the specific needs of both employers and their employees.

Product Options


Our statewide HMO network translates into easy, accessible and comprehensive care – no specialist referrals are needed.


Lower out-of-pocket costs for covered services when members use in-network providers. Plus, national network access provides out-of-state coverage for those employees who reside outside of Nevada or for members while traveling.


Combines the low out-of-pocket expenses of an HMO, greater freedom to choose a PPO provider, and complete flexibility to choose any licensed care provider, all in a three-tier benefit package.

HMO Freedom – Only from Prominence!

Offers the options and flexibility of a PPO and the cost savings of an HMO. Members have access to out-of-network, out-of-area covered benefits through a national provider network.

HSA-Compatible High Deductible

Consumer-directed healthcare plans help employers manage costs and offer convenience and flexibility to members – both HMO and PPO options available!

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